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How to Master Selling a Borrower a Loan Product, The RIGHT Way

Selling a borrower on a loan product is an important skill for anyone who works in the lending industry. It’s not just about closing the sale, it’s about ensuring that the borrower is fully informed and comfortable with the terms of the loan. In this blog, we’ll discuss some tips and best practices for mastering […]

Wholesale Mortgage Prospects in 2023

The housing market is poised for a major boom and overall economic growth, which means a big need for comprehensive lending solutions. While there are many variables to consider when predicting the future of mortgage wholesale lending, we can make some educated guesses based on current trends and forecasts from industry experts.

Tips On Navigating The Current Mortgage Market

Experts weigh in on how to judge the health of the current market. Realtors are the experts. Along with their morning coffee, many grab their smartphones and peruse the market landscape (new listings, sold homes, closed escrows, new businesses coming to town) as well as where interest rates are going. As each day goes by […]

A Closer Look At Manufactured Homes

When Realtor’s Angela Colley explained how most of us grew up calling them “mobile homes,” it made sense. Although some elements remain the same, today’s factory-built houses are known as manufactured homes — dwellings that are far more customizable and luxurious than the mobile homes of the past. “Originally, factory-built mobile homes were constructed on […]

Understanding The Mortgage Market Today

  Tables turn. Markets change. And many sellers are shocked to find not only that they are no longer in the driver’s seat, but because of high interest rates, buyers willing to buy a home in today’s market are farther and fewer between. Realtor’s Kimberly Dawn Neumann reports that a recent survey taken by home […]

Price Softening Finally Occurring In Some Previously Hot Real Estate Markets

It had to happen sooner or later. According to MarketWatch’s Aarthi Swaminathan, the U.S. housing sector is finally cooling off, evidenced by the latest data. If you have any interest in moving somewhere where that is happening faster than the rest of the country, pay attention. Some American homes are now on sale. “Sellers slashed […]

Taking inventory of your homeowners insurance

Those of us who live in places where we believe flooding, hurricanes, fires or tornadoes seem unlikely to occur, watch our TV screens, horrified over the devastation elsewhere in the country. We can’t imagine experiencing something like that first hand, seeing our homes destroyed or living in temporary shelters. This inability to fathom the horrors […]

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Carl S.


“Love the process. I’ve needed an industry expert to partner with who could provide that little extra piece of information that makes the difference. The people at Unite are honest, straight-forward, and always there for me. My new wholesale partner is Unite Mortgage.”

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“The expertise and understanding of a variety of loan products was what sold me. With the detailed guidelines for Non-QM and DSCR programs, I needed someone to show me how best to leverage these products. Thank you, Unite Mortgage."

Jane W.


"I greatly appreciated everybody’s diligent work toward funding this loan. It’s been a pleasure working with all you. The service at Unite Mortgage is excellent."

Joe N.

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